Sunday, 27 February 2011

Our Wedding Slideshow

Just received our ROM/ Wedding Actual Day slideshow video from our photographer Alvin.

Wedding of Sean and Wing from theBerries on Vimeo.

We like it a lot but I feel that I could be thinner (really gained a lot of weight since I met Wing) :p ...... serious exercise time!!! A little too late for wedding photos, but not too late for future photos! Fat guys like me who are going to have their wedding soon, remember to exercise!

Thanks Alvin for the wonderful photos and accommodating to our changes in timing. You are a great guy!

Those who are finding a wedding photographer can try looking for him at dphotofolio.

Went to Clarke Quay and Marina Bay Sands with Wing and her brother yesterday. Ate at the delicious but rather expensive Freemantle Seafood Market. The fish I ordered (forgot what name, I think Cod Liver), was really nice. Got a little bit of a bill shock though lol.

The view at Marina Bay Sands was fantastic. Very cool and windy there, so unlike the normal Singapore weather. We took some pictures and got our very own picture souvenir there.

Surfing on the Skypark
Going to Night Safari later, and choosing our photographs for printing next Friday. See you next time!


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