Sunday, 3 April 2011

Imported Posts from my/her new blog

Due to laziness and lack of timeness, i have decided to import the posts from the blog I made for my wife for our wedding day ( and concentrate on posting at Don't worry Wing, most of the posts will be about you .... I promise! 

I have also change the template for Still have some adjustments to do ..... when I have the time and feel better .... sick .....

Just collected our wedding pics from Alvin yesterday, hope to post some pics in the future.

A little update on Wing's life ...

Her teeth is now brand new after 3 treatments at Dr. Leong's clinic. No more pain!!

She also celebrated her birthday and our 1 year anniversary last month. Made her a special atm card that can be used weekly by swiping it at my backside. =) Real money will be issued okay!

P.S Like the new blogger changes ... very easy to use now. :)

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Very Painful Tooth

Previously, I mentioned that Eric strike 4d first prize, now its my turn!! Last week I strike 4d!! Not first prize though. I bought the hotel room number that Wing was staying at when I went to Jie Xin Niang 接新娘 and won the "starter prize" =) Not as much as first prize but got strike I happy liao haha. However ....

On Wednesday, Wing tooth got very painful after washing her teeth. It was so painful that she cried many times. At it was night time and dental clinics are closed, we went to KK Hospital 24 hours clinic first to check if there it was safe to take some medication to stop the pain to last till the next day so that we could go visit a dentist. The nurse said that we could take the normal panadol (safe for pregnancy) but it could not stop the pain. Then we went to SGH Accident and Emergency (A and E) department to see the emergency dentist but the wait was too long and they do not have the equipment there.

"Chewing Gum" stops the pain

Then finally ... after some more google searching on the phone we finally found a 24hrs dentist! Thank god that someone at Flowerpod posted the contact of a dentist who provides 24 hours dental services. I rang up the dentist, who I think was sleeping at that time and he kindly agreed to meet us at his clinic. After some examination, he found out the problem and we did a root canal treatment to treat the tooth and save it. That was the first treatment and now Wing's tooth has a chewing gum like thing protecting her tooth. 2 more treatments to go and hopefully her tooth problems are over. Thankfully she does not feel any pain now.

For those who are desperately looking for a dentist late at night, you can look for Dr. Leong. I will copy the flowerpod user and post his website and contact details here he he. Good things must share right. =)

Dr H C Leong Dental Surgeon
Tel: 9671 1096.
Address: 8 EU Tong Sen Street #20-86 The Central (Office 2)

The clinic is really nice. Makes you feel at ease. Nice doctor, nice view, nice design.

I think fortunately (or maybe unfortunately =P) for him, there are quite a number of people who has called him at night because of the flowerpod post. The power of flowerpod he he. Thank you Dr. Leong! Without your help, I don't know what will happen. Wing finished the treatment at around 3am (!) and Dr. Leong was still very alert. As for me, I was sleeping like a pig while he was doing the treatment ... there goes my 4D winnings =P .....

Yesterday we went to the Mothercare fair at Harbour Front  (must queue to go in!) to check out the prices for some of the baby items. Baby is due in June. Time to prepare for baby Wu!! She already bought a lot of stuff from Hong Kong though heh. Now we need a baby bed, stroller and some other stuff. A few more upcoming fairs at Takashimaya and Expo to go before buying. Hope we can get good deals.

Oh ya ..

Last Sunday, we ate dinner at Chomp Chomp and went to Night Safari with Wing's brother. My first time is more than 10 years I think heh. I shall end this post with a picture we took there. As it was dark and my camera is lousy at night, there are no pictures of real animals. Hope this will do ...

Only 2 fake animals =)

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Our Wedding Slideshow

Just received our ROM/ Wedding Actual Day slideshow video from our photographer Alvin.

Wedding of Sean and Wing from theBerries on Vimeo.

We like it a lot but I feel that I could be thinner (really gained a lot of weight since I met Wing) :p ...... serious exercise time!!! A little too late for wedding photos, but not too late for future photos! Fat guys like me who are going to have their wedding soon, remember to exercise!

Thanks Alvin for the wonderful photos and accommodating to our changes in timing. You are a great guy!

Those who are finding a wedding photographer can try looking for him at dphotofolio.

Went to Clarke Quay and Marina Bay Sands with Wing and her brother yesterday. Ate at the delicious but rather expensive Freemantle Seafood Market. The fish I ordered (forgot what name, I think Cod Liver), was really nice. Got a little bit of a bill shock though lol.

The view at Marina Bay Sands was fantastic. Very cool and windy there, so unlike the normal Singapore weather. We took some pictures and got our very own picture souvenir there.

Surfing on the Skypark
Going to Night Safari later, and choosing our photographs for printing next Friday. See you next time!